IT systems ordering and quality acceptance

system TCO reduced by 25% on average

decrease in critical post-implementation failures by more than 80%


on average 30% fewer changes after system implementation

Best In Cloud 2017

Best cloud service deployment.

Cloud Quality

We combine quality assurance and cloud architecture competence for cloud intensive projects with a high potential of test automation.

360° Quality

Many problems are solved before they appear.

Objectives and conditions
  • Objectives

  • Results

  • Impact

  • Scope

  • Financing

  • Conditions

Organization of the project
  • Organization

  • Development process

  • Maintenance

  • Change management

  • Communication management

compass_arrow compass
  • Acceptance criteria

  • Quality gates

  • Testing process

  • Responsibility for carrying out the tests

  • Product quality

Requirements analysis
  • Functional requirements

  • Non-functional requirements

  • Technical requirements

  • Error handling

Objectives and conditions
Requirements analysis
Organization of the project

Quality that is easy to manage

The ability to synthesize information is vital. A single page is enough to demonstrate the results.

quality results img

We believe that reports on the development process should show the current status and trends in a project at a glance, without the need to read numerous pages.

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Where to start? 7Quality Compass.

360° Quality. From planning to acceptance.


It identifies sources, not only symptoms, of quality issues.


Gives green lights and sets yellow and red alerts.


It defines activities which will bring results in a definite time and within a definite budget

We help to achieve goals

Case study: tablets for sales staff of a big retail chain.

quality ship
Customer’s goal: shorten "time to market" and increase work transparency.

It was important for the Customer to be able to make decisions about the implementation of individual features based on the expected profit they would bring. Because of a very diffused implementation (several thousand devices in several hundred locations), there was an additional goal: minimization of the number of serious errors reaching the production phase. With the help of the 7Quality approach, all goals were achieved in only 3 months.

  • Long waiting time for the implementation of features, release once per quarter, or less frequently.

  • Unspecified stage budget.

  • Release once per quarter and a long stabilization phase.

  • Frequent changes in the scope of work.

  • Certain serious errors not identified during acceptance tests.

  • Necessary application of hot-fix on production.

quality ship
  • Ability to make informed decisions about implementation, after comparing the cost of the features with the expected profit from their activation.

  • Regular monthly production releases of the system. Much shorter “time to market”.

  • Precisely defined scope of work.

  • Short stabilization phase and acceptance tests (less than a week for a single release).

  • No critical errors on production.

Special missions

quality chopper

Test teams' workload reduction

Advanced test automation

Completion and verification of test data

Support of the acceptance process in cases of incomplete documentation and many contractors

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